Iron Orchid is NOT interested in how heavy, how quickly, or how many times you can do something poorly.

We ARE interested in creating a healthy retreat and outlet for you to receive quality training.  We teach you to work smarter, NOT harder, while empowering you to look, move,
and feel your very best.

The number of reps you can perform doesn't easily impress us...just sayin'.   What does impress is the quality in which each rep is performed. At IO we focus on form, proper patterning of movements and making sure your body understands the importance of performing an exercise correctly.  Sure, it may not sound too sexy!  It IS sexy when you've conquered more than you ever thought after uncovering your true strength through the quality of your movement.  

A workout cannot be created equally for everyone.

Instead, we build a foundation catered to individual needs; create an individualized training program that offers the most beneficial corrective exercises, variations and progressions, and focuses on improving overall movement patterns.  When you establish a foundation of movement, THAT is when the magic begins!   Your body moves more efficiently, your body can effectively adapt to the workout you perform, you grow stronger than ever before, and you are FINALLY maximizing your results.  It's truly magical to watch clients become empowered about the way they move and grow stronger.

Technology is another tool we will be utilizing to make the experience as personalized as possible.  Heart Rate monitoring not only allows us to further personalize the experience, but it’s a tool we can use to see how our clients respond to the training they are receiving and even how well they recover.

What makes Iron Orchid different...

  • We provide a complimentary Success Session including a movement screen and goal setting session.
  • Complimentary Functional Movement Screen (FMS) and corrective exercises designed specifically for our clients.
  • Variety of Individualized Group Training Classes:  From strength and resistance training, to advanced kettlebell and barbell, providing perfect balance with restorative yoga and ensuring our clients value adequate recovery.
  • Semi-Private Personal Training, also known as our Custom Coaching Program, provides an even more individualized program designed for your every need, with your goals in mind.
  • No treadmills or Elliptical Machines found here!  Sorry!  We want you to find strength no matter where you are in your journey.  Instead, our extensive training studio offers a variety of free weight to help you take control of your body’s most efficient way of moving.  You don’t need big, clunky machines doing the work for you.  
  • Knowledgeable Certified Personal Trainer working with you personally in every workout.
  • Educational workshops and clinics ranging from stress management to nutrition, all provided to bring out the best in our client’s journey.
  • Corrective Exercise Specialists ready to customize your training program.
  • Exclusive Member’s Only Online Resource Center, to include a library of video demonstrations, travel workouts, at home workouts, nutrition e-courses, and much more as we expand our database.
  • Exclusive Kid’s Corner including childcare with video monitoring and live streaming to our training floor.
  • Heart-Rate Monitoring Technology to ensure you’re getting the most individualized experience.