NOW thru August 31 

 Celebrate Summer


Enjoy Summer, Before It's Gone

Come join us for the fun this summer.  This special only comes around ONCE a year!  

Believe me, we know how it goes!  Summer is here and kids are OUT of School!  Either you are celebrating or wondering what in the world you'll do with yourself and your kiddos.  Throw out the school schedules, bye-bye structure, hello summer fun, right?!  Before you jump into summer, let's re-consider!  Maybe it's freeing to throw those crazy school schedules out the window for summer, but maybe having a plan isn't a bad idea after all.  Think about it...  we get all these grand ideas, plan vacations, swimming lessons, BBQs, summer camps, and in the midst we somehow vow to stay fit.  We always think we can accomplish it all!  In reality, we had no real plan for summer and before you know it, summer flies by. 

Summer Specials 2018-2.png

Take this time to really enjoy YOU, celebrate the fact that summer CAN and should be freeing, and don't let another summer pass you by.