At Iron Orchid Studio, our philosophy is built around the Functional Movement Screen. We use it as a way to determine how you will begin to reach your goals.  Iron Orchid trainers use a very proactive approach to your training simply because we want to avoid injury at all costs and it is the best way to gain effective results.  

The Functional Movement Screen (FMS) is only ONE tool we utilize to guide you in your journey and make it as personalized as possible!  Think of the FMS as identifying your Vital Signs of Movement: Mobility, Motor Control, Postural Alignment, Sensory Feedback, Balance, and Stability.  The FMS is our ability to gauge your personal vital signs in your OWN movement! When you establish a foundation of movement, THAT is when the magic begins!  Your body moves more efficiently, your body can effectively adapt to the workout you perform, you grow stronger than ever before, and you are FINALLY maximizing your results. Oh, and what better way to become empowered by the way your body moves and experience a confidence you would have nether fathomed!

We go out of our way to determine which movements leave you the most vulnerable to compensations that could create injuries and possible pain.  

Whether you sit at a desk all day, spend hours in your car, spend the majority of your day walking in heels or even carrying a little one on your hip; all of of these have a role in how you move at any given moment on any given day.  With all of these factors having an effect on your movement, it would be insane for us to hand you some weights and say get to work.  We need to first understand how your body moves and what basic movements need to be retrained in order for you to correct compensations and strengthen weaknesses you may have developed through your daily activities.  

It is extremely important to determine a standard for baseline movement, and that is exactly what the functional movement screen does.  The IO team lives and breathes by the fact that screening and standardizing movement is essential for safe, timely, and effective results. In order to better understand the reasoning behind why we believe in the functional movement screen, let’s take a look at some of the rules the functional movement screen is based around.

  • Pain should not be present while performing basic bodyweight movement patterns.  If there is pain associated with these basic movement patterns, these patterns are compromised which increases the likelihood of developing further injury to the site of pain.  Also, because the body is compensating to avoid pain or restricted movement, a secondary injury could result when training.
  • Having multiple limitations within several basic movement patterns, even if they’re pain free, can create compensations and general weaknesses that may lead to a greater likelihood of injury.
  • Basic unilateral movement patterns should be symmetrical on both right and left sides of the body.  
  • Fundamental and basic movement patterning should precede performance related activities.
  • Basic before Complex, Stable before Unstable Foundational movement patterns need to be assessed before we can create a program designed to fit each individuals needs.  

Our goal at Iron Orchid is to better help manage and prevent injury by using this baseline screening system.  With this baseline scoring criteria, we are able to monitor and track progress to ensure that the right program is being implemented specifically for you. All of this screening and assessing, paired with right mix of corrective exercises in our programs are going to help keep you safer and healthier for long periods of time.    

It would be foolish of us to think that injuries are never going to happen.  However, it’s our job to reduce the likelihood of injury and the IO team is going to do everything in our power to prevent injuries from happening.  After all, if you get injured during training, your outlook and thought processes about exercise can be compromised for the rest of your life.  

Exercise should be enjoyable.
Exercise should be well thought out and serve a purpose.
Exercise should help you meet and exceed your goals.
Exercise should help improve movement patterns and make daily activities more enjoyable.   

This training philosophy is the foundation of our small and large group program design at Iron Orchid Studio.  We know that for some of you it may be undesirable or even unfathomable for us to say that for right now some exercises are not right for you.  However, the reason for taking certain exercises out of your program all stem back to the above five rules. The Functional Movement Screen isn’t there to restrict you from doing anything.  It’s there to protect you from yourself.  It’s our job to get results and keep you injury free.  The FMS will help you break through plateaus and ensures all of your effort goes into something productive and efficient.  Afterall, a little observation and preparation can take you from failure to success.  And simply it’s all about the quality of the movement, not the quantity.  In the world of fitness, it’s more important to pattern movement correctly rather than to load and repeat incorrect patterns.