Be YOUR Best Self.

What is Nourish Yourself Strong?

Nourish Yourself Strong gives you all you need to make 2018 the last year for New Year's Resolutions.  With Nourish Yourself Strong you get 2 days of strength at Iron Orchid Studio and 1 day of spin at Flow Spin Studio, each week for 60 days (Thru March 2)!  As you work to build your habits for a sustainable lifestyle, you'll then have a full access pass to our new IO Nourish Nutrition Program beginning February 1st!  You get it all with Nourish Yourself Strong...  Movement + Nutrition + Accountability + Support!

Build healthy habits with this 60 Day Comprehensive Program

Movement + Accountability


Nourish Yourself Strong is different from any Fitness Challenge.  Instead, make 2018 your LAST year for New Year's Resolutions!  

This is NOT another Gym Challenge!  As part of our mission for Iron Orchid, we want to help change the narrative that a healthy lifestyle has to be achieved through quick fixes or “all or nothing” crash diets.  We believe a healthy lifestyle means finding balance, moving well, fueling your body and loving the journey along the way.


** Eligible for 2 Days of IO Strong Classes at Iron Orchid Studio and 1 Day of Spin at Flow Spin Studio.  Iron Orchid Studio hosts IO Strong Classes on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays.  To view Iron Orchid's Class Schedule, please click HERE.  To view Flow Spin Studio's class schedule, please click HERE. **

** This promotion is for new clients of Iron Orchid Studio.  New clients are defined as clients who have never participated in a class at Iron Orchid Studio **

Nutrition + Support

Nourish Your Life. Nourish Your Body. 

Learning how to eat to be healthy is more than being told what to eat and when. IO Nourish will empower you to make the right decisions based on your goals, fuel your body with whole, nutrient dense foods, and feel confident to eat in a way that works best for you.  We are including IO Nourish as part of this journey!  You'll start you IO Nourish journey February 1st.



I thought that pain was the price of fitness, and it was something I'd always have to deal with.  That is, until I found Iron Orchid Studio.  IO has taught me about movement, health, strength, and confidence.  I am feeling stronger than I ever have before and I'm loving it!  I am #iostrong and I'm never going back!
~Kelsey A.
I found my fitness family and I can't imagine being anywhere else.  The trainers are motivating, knowledgeable, and supportive of each client's fitness journey.  The unique style of coaching helps you build a foundation of strength and they work to individualize your experience, every step of the way. Being a collegiate athlete, it took me years to find a fitness journey worth following and now I'm addicted!
~Shannon W.
Best, best, best gym EVER! I have never been anywhere like this. The trainers make workouts just for you and they know when to push you just a little further. They focus on helping you do the movements the correct way so you avoid injury and get stronger with every work out. On top of all that they are some of the nicest and most supportive people I have ever met, just amazing, and that includes the other members. They make you feel like family the minute you walk in the door. I actually look forward to my workouts because I am hanging out with awesome people and getting stronger. Everyone should come give them a try. You won't be sorry!
~Tracey C.

** This promotion is for new clients of Iron Orchid Studio.  New clients are defined as clients who have never participated in a class at Iron Orchid Studio **