What is an FMS and why do you require this?

Think about this for a moment...we live in a world where 'busy' is a DISEASE!  Yes, you heard me!  Sadly, we almost consider it a badge of honor.  But what most do not realize is the effect it has on our bodies.  Our body is meant to run like a well-oiled machine and THAT my friends is exactly why our bodies are MASTERS of compensation.  We live in a world of convenience and processed food, where 'fast-pace' is our middle name, we justify killing ourselves on the treadmills or trails for results we wanted yesterday, we become consumed with the quantity of our work and sacrifice quality...ok, you get the point!  Bottom line, our body will do exactly what is required to seek homeostasis and sometimes that comes at the expense of our health and YES, it can come at the expense of MOVEMENT too!

The Functional Movement Screen (FMS) is only ONE tool we utilize to guide you in your journey and make it as personalized as possible!  Think of the FMS as identifying your Vital Signs of Movement: Mobility, Motor Control, Postural Alignment, Sensory Feedback, Balance, and Stability.  The FMS is our ability to gauge your personal vital signs in your OWN movement!  When you establish a foundation of movement, THAT is when the magic begins!  Your body moves more efficiently, your body can effectively adapt to the workout you perform, you grow stronger than ever before, and you are FINALLY maximizing your results.  Oh, and what better way to become empowered by the way your body moves and experience a confidence you would have nether fathomed!

Even if IO is not for you, do yourself and your body a favor and make sure your trainer has the capability of performing such an assessment with you!  Consider it a responsibility they have to you as their client.  And for your benefit, the assessment should be performed regularly.  After all, you want results, right?!  It's only natural for your body to have different requirements and needs as you begin to make changes, and your training program should reflect that.

Is the use of a heart rate monitor required, and can I purchase just any heart rate monitor?

We want your workouts to be as effective as possible, therefore we DO require wearing a heart monitor.  In order to gain the most from your workout it is essential to maintain your target heart rate.  By keeping your target heart rate in check you are able to avoid under or over-training.  Our studio requires the purchase of the MyZone MZ-3 Heart Rate Monitor because it is compatible with our heart rate monitoring system and with that, your heart rate will be streamed live on one of our TV screens. We will have them available for purchase at the studio, or for convenience sake, you can order your MyZone MZ-3 Heart Rate Monitor directly from the MyZone Website.  Come check us out first, because you'll want the exclusive IO discount code to purchase!  

Am I too young or too old for IO?

Our client ages range from 20 to 70, literally.  And you can imagine the differences in goals.  However, if you are younger than 20, or older than 70; we don't discriminate.  We love working with all shapes, sizes, and fitness levels.

Do I make an appointment or just show up?

Yes, PLEASE!  We want to be as prepared as possible to serve you and give you the most individualized attention.  Here is a link to our online member suite, making it easy and convenient to schedule your next class <LINK TO SCHEDULER>

Is there a way to pay only per class I attend?  I don't like contracts.

Yes, you can pay per class, we have punch card options available.  Of course, so does Subway; but that doesn't mean that it's the better value, it only serves to remind you that you have eaten 54 inches of cold cut combos.  However, we've built long-term memberships at a discounted rate for a reason.  We expect everyone who walks through our doors at IO to be 110% committed.  With a longer term commitment, we will help you be accountable which will in turn create consistency, which is key to your results.  We've built our training philosophy around our ideal, motivated client where we can build a foundation of functional movement.  There is no quick way to get the results you desire but the time you commit will be key to your journey in your healthier lifestyle.  So we need you to be in class learning, listening, and rocking your workouts with us at least twice a week!

The cost of IO is higher than I expected, why is that?

Simply put, we believe you get what you pay for.  IO is focused on a way of life and that's why with every membership we provide a completely customized workout plan based on your individual needs.  You better believe you won't find a workout of the day at IO because we are all made differently and move differently.  We aren't like other gyms, we like to think of IO as a wellness studio focusing on a proactive, preventative and prescriptive approach to training.  You won't find us compromising the quality of your workout for the amount of reps you can perform.  Instead, we care about how well you can perform a movement correctly.

We could cut some costs; maybe trade in heart rate monitors for cool cult like stickers for your cars, or save money on kettlebells by trading them for used truck tires for you to flip around in the parking lot.  However, the money you save in chiropractic fees and ibuprofen may in fact save you money in the long run.  We may not be for you and that's ok.  Our coaches, services, classes stand apart from the pack and we'll let you decide if it's worth it.

We provide nutrition guidance, technology based training, and childcare in a friendly and supportive environment led by our quality trained staff.  

If your gym membership costs the same as lunch at St. Louis Bread Company then it is easier to justify not going.

How are payments processed?

All payments are made using an Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) in which payment is automatically withdrawn monthly from a credit/debit card.  You cannot pay on the same date every month with a check, credit/debit card, or cash because we are not in the money collecting business, and would rather spend our time doing what we do best; providing you with the most elite training experience possible. 

Will my membership rate ever increase?

We would be out of our minds!  As long as your membership status is current, we will continue to honor your membership rate.

I was a member before but my rate was less, can I come back and pay what I did before?

If you look at any product or service, it is not uncommon for prices to increase.  When you go to Starbucks and the cost of your usual Caramel Frappuccino goes up 10 cents, you aren't going to ask to pay the same price that you did last week.  Well, here at the studio we operate in the same manner.  If we increase our rates and you have not been a member for the past 30 days, you will be subject to the latest rate upon return.  

Friends and family discounts?

No we do not offer this but we realize accountability is important and we too want to workout with a pal.  That's why we offer our Refer-a-Friend Program!  You love us and it shows!  For every friend you refer that signs on with us, we'll offer a $30 discount on your next month's membership.

How does your system work, will I be on my own or will someone help me?

Hopefully, by the time you've reached this question, it has already been answered for you.  Hands down, we'll work with you every step of the way.  Whether you participate in our Group Fitness Classes of our Custom Coaching Program, you'll receive the personalized attention, you deserve.