I first became interested in fitness when I was a freshman in high school and I wanted to get stronger for baseball. My baseball coach, a couple teammates, and myself would workout everyday after school. I quickly found out I was fairly strong and I became addicted to exercising and continued to do workouts after school throughout my entire high school career. Beginning in my junior year, after all my old workout buddies graduated, I started to encourage other friends to join me during workouts. Then and there I found a passion for helping others become healthier and happier through fitness and exercise. I then decided to go to college to study exercise science but somewhere along the way I began to lose interest in fitness. My workouts had become sparse and my motivation and effort were at an all time low until I began interning for Iron Orchid, even before it was Iron Orchid (and just a studio room above a pizza parlor). I remember the first time I walked in the studio to workout having no idea what to expect and by the time the workout was over I was already hooked. I had never felt so uncoordinated and awkward during a workout but it all made perfect sense and being one of the few males in the gym I refused to get stuck and was determined to move better and get stronger. I worked hard to get my form and patterns down so I could advance to higher progressions and get stronger in everything I do. This brought my passion and spark for fitness back instantly. I became obsessed with educating myself, engulfed in articles and videos from the best in the industry, and fascinated with functional movement and how the body is meant to move.   I thoroughly enjoyed everything I was learning.  So much so that I volunteered my time with Iron Orchid for five months!  You're real passion is exposed when you're willing to volunteer your time for something you know will make a tremendous difference in people's lives.   I eventually became a trainer (my pocket booked thanked me).  As a trainer, I vow to my clients to never stop learning and I will always strive to be better than I was yesterday.

Words To Live By

"You must always strive to be the best, but you may never believe that you are."

Favorite Exercise

Squats and deadlifts!  There is just something oddly satisfying about lifting heavy shit from the ground.

Guilty Pleasure

Ski Soda.