Experience the fun and high-energy of our Group Fitness Classes where we provide the most individualized programming and the attention of personal training.  Our Group Fitness Classes are designed throughout the week with purpose…we want you to get the most comprehensive training programs that are designed to help you maximize your results.

                       IO Strong

Don’t worry, it’s not leg day!  We don’t train your body in parts, we train your body parts to perform each exercise with optimal movement and utmost efficiency. Our most popular class is offered on Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays.  IO Strong is a total body workout utilizing cross training methods by combining strength training, cardiovascular conditioning, functional movements, and flexibility to challenge the body. This class is designed to boost metabolism, build strength and endurance, blast body fat, and build your lean muscle. You will leave each class high-fiving, strong and empowered.  No doubt!

Orchid Lean

This class is offered on Tuesday and Thursdays and focuses on cardiac efficiency, increases endurance and conditioning, and promotes long lean muscles.  This class fully utilizes our heart-rate monitoring system to ensure you are performing at your most optimal level and creates the perfect blend of a cardiovascular workout and interval training.  You’ll definitely leave feeling invigorated.


Kettlebell Strong

Kettlebells are some of the most powerful tools for improving your fitness goals through increased stability, mobility, strength and power.  Kettlebell Strong is our signature kettlebell class designed to take your results to the next level.

                                                             Orchid Restore                           

Your recovery or your body’s ability to recover appropriately is extremely important to us!  We live in a world where ‘busy’ is our middle name and sadly, we wear it as a badge of honor.  When stress gets the best of you, you may not realize the adverse effect it has on your body.  So why not give you all the tools to combat stressors with our Orchid Restore.  Orchid Restore is our signature yoga class that helps to relax and regenerate both the body and the mind, improves flexibility, is a great way to relieve stress and tension in the muscles, and creates the perfect balance for your fitness regimen.  


Orchid Fundamental

This class is designed to introduce you to our workouts and programs, eliminating all intimidation and any uncertainty of beginning your first class at Iron Orchid.  We’ll take you through the warm-up step-by-step, we’ll ensure you are comfortable with your individualized corrective exercises, and you’ll learn fundamental movements essential to our fitness programs.  Most of all, you’ll get the devoted attention you need from our coaches to ensure you’re executing each move appropriately.  You’ll even get your sweat on!  


Barbell Strong (Coming Soon)


Our Custom Coaching Small Group Program allows you to get the most personalized experience possible.  Sometimes referred to as “Semi-Private Training”, in our Custom Coaching Program you’ll work with a small, supportive and encouraging group of people.  With only a 4:1 client to instructor ratio, you’ll be given the utmost personalized attention, where individual training programs are specifically designed with YOU in mind.  Everything is customized with a dynamic warm-up, corrective exercise strategies, and a comprehensive training program to fit your body’s needs.  Most of all, your instructor is by your side offering feedback on technique, safety, and when and how to progress each movement.

Our Custom Coaching Program provides flexible scheduling and varies in intensity based on your goals and your body’s functional needs.  In addition to the Custom Coaching Program, you’ll have access to some of our signature classes, giving you the most comprehensive training program, while striking that perfect balance.