My personal health and fitness journey began after having twin boys.  I was the heaviest I’d ever been, the most out of shape that I ever was and I had pain in my body that I’ve never felt before.  Sooo…  there I went, on my own fitness journey.  I was on this race for an ideal body (whatever that was)!  Regardless of the sacrifices and the work I put in...  I wasn't happy with myself no matter where my journey took me.  I had to get real with myself and real fast.  Overtime, I learned to start loving the journey, not hating it and punishing myself with every bite or workout.  

I used to believe that spending hours in the gym would help me burn all the calories necessary to lose weight.  It was my perception that the more time I spent on the treadmill, the more successful I would be in achieving the body of my dreams.  I perceived that the only way to see any results was to destroy my body every day. With the countless misconceptions of health and fitness, it is very common for people to follow the crowd; however, you are really just keeping yourself from achieving your optimal health and fitness levels.

The concept of “functional movement” training literally rocked my world.  Every day, I was learning something new about fitness as well as myself.  I was retraining my brain to absorb this new knowledge while removing past preconceived notions that I had about health and fitness.  In the past, I was lead to believe that quantity was better than quality and working harder (destroying my body every single day) was the only way to achieve my health and fitness goals.  Through building a solid foundation of functional movement, I no longer focused on training my body in parts, but training my body parts to perform each exercise with optimum movement as well as utmost efficiency.  I was training SMART and felt so empowered about the way my body moved! 

 Through my own personal health and fitness journey, I learned that quality over quantity was the smartest approach to training.  Who would have ever thought that the quality of my movement, or lack thereof would determine my success with achieving my health and fitness goals?  I quickly realized I wasn’t the only one that faced similar challenges and from there…  my passion grew into something much bigger.  

Favorite Exercise

Deadlifts make me smile!  Anything Deadlift!  "Sometimes your feelings get hurt...  And that is when you know it's been far too long since you've deadlifted."  THIS. IS. SO. TRUE. 

Guilty Pleasure

Ice cream, you scream...  Bryer's Vanilla Bean!  YES!