I started my fitness journey many times, got bored or didn’t see the results I wanted quickly enough, got discouraged and would quit.  Embarrassingly enough, my motivation was an unrealistic magazine model or someone with a completely different build than what I had, but I was determined to look just like them.  It wasn’t until I started working out prior to my wedding that I became hooked on how I felt post workout; during however, was a whole different story.  I'm not an intrinsically motivated exerciser, instead I have to like the people I'm working out with and need to have some sort of accountability.

I've tried the big gyms with all the machines and just felt like I was wasting my time and donating my money.  Totally lost among a sea of treadmills or ellipticals and more weight machines, I floundered in the gym anxiously glancing at the clock waiting for the hour to lapse so I could leave.  Because of the unpredictable and lax  workouts, I ate a steady diet of Cheerios and skim milk 3 times a day and found weight loss results that never lasted.  When I began my journey with “more serious training” by paying a personal trainer, I was often very sore after workouts and would experience workouts so hard I would get sick to my stomach. I remembering thinking, “now I’m getting somewhere”!  

Until I began working out with long-time friend, Christal Laswell.  It seems a little cliché to say I owe my developed passion and interest in functional movement to the friend but I assure’s the truth!  I felt like some of Christal's techniques seemed like crazy voodoo, focusing on breathing, form and core strength. Many of the exercises that I thought I'd been doing to perfection for many years had to be re-patterned.  Christal wouldn’t allow any movements to be loaded with weights until my patterns were corrected.  Together we addressed some lower back and hip pain issues I'd been living with for years.  The conclusion was that my glutes and hamstrings needed to be conditioned and strengthened.  After many chiropractic visits over the years it turns out I had some hyper-mobile hips, poor posture and weak glutes.  

Over time, the necessary muscles gained the needed strength to properly support my body in the daily demands.   Five years into my fitness journey along with a continued lifestyle of eating better with real food and protein I find myself so compelled to share what I've learned with others just like me.  Long story short, there really isn’t much chance to lose weight and keep it off long-term by doing anything radical, it has to be a forever change.  We all know this, we just are clamouring for something easy and quick.  The problem is that we didn’t end up unhealthy, tired, overweight and weak overnight.  Most of my changes were gradual but over the years I would eliminate one thing and replace it with something more natural and whole.  

I want people to hear about Iron Orchid, the “weird” stuff we do, the obsessed attention to form and movement, the surprising circle of friends and support you receive from trainers and clients.  Just think to yourself, "have I ever experienced all this in a gym before".  Come visit us and discover for yourself the truth of strength and balance.  No judgement here, we have a common goal to improve our entire well-being...and we eat cookies too!  We are real people of all ages, who wanted a fun place to workout that challenged our preconceived notions of what gym could provide. Let's learn to love our bodies what all they have done for us.  Strive for YOUR perfection everyday and know you will be getting better with every trip to Iron Orchid.

Words To Live By

“Most things in life are acceptable in moderation." 
I’m a big fan of moderation!  I don’t beat myself up or feel discouraged if I have the occasional ice-cream or cheat meal.  Life is short, do what makes you happy and some of that is food for me, I just eat the naughty stuff in small quantities.  

Guilty Pleasure

Chocolate!  I treat myself to a little bit nearly everyday.