Yoga...It could be for YOU!

Yoga is a simple practice with immense benefits. If you’ve been to a yoga class before and thought it was too difficult, or you just didn't feel the flow…don’t write off yoga entirely! There are several different styles of yoga and you need to find the style or teacher is right for you. Here are five reasons to give yoga another try!

Stress Reduction

Classes that focus on breath work techniques can immediately make you feel more at ease, lower your heart rate and blood pressure, and encourage relaxation. Slower paced classes like Yin and Restorative can make it easier for you to focus on slowing your breath. 


Mindfulness defined is when you are aware of sensations felt in the moment without judging them. Releasing any judgment regarding sensations can establish feelings of contentment rather than frustration. This practice brings you into the present, out of your previous head space, and further from worry or anger. 


The word yoga means "to yoke or to join". This refers to the union of the body and the mind; linking the physical postures to the meditation technique and breath. Yoga brings you closer to yourself and others. Embracing your IO community will mimic the benefits of yoga in regard to stress relief, happiness, and relaxation.


Increased physical balance can be a benefit of yoga. We are pushed and led to have it "all" - the incredibly busy schedule, personal goals, family time, success at work, and the list goes on. Taking the time to be still, silent, and breathe can bring us more toward contentment and peace.

Physical Fitness

Consistent yoga participation will increase your core strength and flexibility. However, beyond the physical aspect of yoga is the transformative power of how you will begin to think about physical exercise. Generally, most of us are taught to push it to the max in fitness classes and that may not be what is best for us or our bodies. Yoga is all about being comfortable with where you are that particular day and working to the best of your ability…without any guilt or insecurity.

So I invite you to join me Thursday evenings for Orchid Restore! ~Caitlin

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